Thursday, October 06, 2005


Well, I just finished with some post production of photos while down in Slidell, LA during the Kartina relief effort. It's tough to post pictures when so many have captured images from CNN and FOX News. I have to say it was hard to take pictures. What do you say when you see them? "Nice pictures?" No.

Anyway, here are a few images we saw while helping with relief work. I hope you don't enjoy them.


"Looks like a hurricane"

"Lost Treasure"

"Not Shot... Killed!"

Anyway, if anyone would like to help in this effort, contact



Anonymous said...


It's me, John DeMarco formerly of the Bellevue Church of Christ. I just stumbled across your blog and it was so great to see your face. You were such a huge encouragement to me and my wife. We love you so much and we remember you often. By the way, the pictures you took look great!

Donna and I am currently living in Winchester, MO (right outside of St. Louis) and I'm the youth minister for the Lafayette Church of Christ. We have two children now (Austin - 3 and Carter - 3 weeks) Our e-mail address is God bless you brother. We miss you.

Jason Hill said...

Nice stuff dude. The picture in the house says it best--what a mess. Keep doin' what you are doin'.